Are you in need of bumper paint repair, car paint scratch repair or even bumper dent repair? Oceanside Bumper & Smog repairs and restores your bumper so you don’t have to replace unless absolutely necessary. Our work is completed on-site, with a convenient turnaround of hours not days or weeks.

Dents, Dings, Creases, Scrapes and Bumps are repaired by Oceanside Bumper & Exhaust and reassurance of (BBB) Better Business Bureau Accreditation means we can be your best choice in San Diego and Surrounding Cities.

We are experts in Small Damage Repair (SDR) & car paint repair and we also provide Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) . Our streamlined process is focused on the objective that produces high quality results. We take what is already there and restore it to like-new condition for a lot less cost within a lot less time.


At Oceanside Bumper & Exhaust, we specialize in Muffler repair and Muffler replacement. We check your Exhaust system and Catalytic converter, using our Inspection and diagnosis procedures to ensure your car or truck is repaired and brought to exhaust and emission standards. 

At Oceanside Bumper & Exhaust we check the following:

Exhaust pipes, tail pipes
Catalytic converters
Exhaust Manifolds
Exhaust system sensors: EGR sensors, EGR valves

For 16 years now, following strict emission requirements has been the EPA's mandate to auto manufacturers. These requirements cause sensors in the exhaust and fuel systems to measure unburned gasoline for air pollution quantities emitted.  These sensors detect the smallest of changes in the air, fuel and exhaust mixtures. Any deviation from the emission requirements will off the Check Engine light when levels exceed these emission requirements.